Solutions to common problems of air duct heater

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The air duct heater is also called hot blast stove. In the process of using, the air duct heater will encounter the following problems: air leakage, high junction box temperature and temperature failure.

1. Air leakage: generally, the upper frame of junction box and inner bore is not well sealed for air leakage

Solution: can add a few more gasket to tighten. The technology of the inner air duct shell is different, so the sealing effect can be strengthened.

2. High junction box temperature

Solution: there is no insulation cotton under the junction box, and there is no cold end of the heating pipe. This problem existed in the previous Korean air duct. When the use temperature is not very high, you can install a ventilator on the opening of the junction box.

3. Temperature can not reach

Solution: 1. Look at the current value. If there is no problem with the current, then determine the air volume. It is possible that the power distribution is small. 2. If the current value is abnormal, remove the copper plate and measure the resistance of the heating pipe. The heating pipe is damaged.

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