Thermal oil furnace application on manual plate

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Textile printing and dyeing industry

In the early days of the printing and dyeing industry, electric heating was changed to organic heat carrier furnaces on stenter setting machines, and coal was used to replace electricity, which greatly saved energy consumption costs. Suhai electric thermal oil heater experts remind you that transforming steam to organic heat carrier heating The energy-saving greatly reduces the production cost. The organic heat carrier furnace can meet the requirements of many industrial productions due to its high temperature, indirect heating, and safe and reliable heating characteristics. Recently, such as Shaoxing Yongfeng, Xiangshan Zhejiang Juying Group and Ningbo Juying Catty Garment Co., Ltd., after technical research, they have boldly transformed the steam heating of dyeing machines into organic heat carrier heating and achieved gratifying results.

2020年1月10日 10:47