Understanding of electric heaters

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Electrical process heaters use electricity to increase the temperature of liquids and gases in the process system. Depending on the application, electrical process heaters can be used for direct and indirect heating, which makes it a particularly versatile heating option. To help you find the best electric heater for you, we give a brief overview of electric heater systems and their common uses.


Types of electrical process heaters

There are two different styles of electrical process heaters: immersion heaters and circulating heaters. Each type provides unique advantages for specific applications.


Immersion heater

Rendering of Sigma Thermal brand electric immersion heaters Immersion heaters heat gas and liquid through direct contact. As the name suggests, tubular electronic components are immersed in the process fluid. The main advantage of this process heater is that almost all of the generated electrical energy is directly converted into heat with almost 100% efficiency. The heating element is usually composed of highly corrosion-resistant and heat-resistant materials (such as 800 alloy) to ensure the best operation and service life of the heater.


Circulating heater

The circulating heater heats the fluid as it passes through the closed system directly above the heating element. The heater is usually in a pipe or pipe through which a gas or liquid substance flows. Circulating heaters are very professional and must often be customized for each individual application.

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