Product Description

When pipeline heater through electricity will appear self-heating effect, causing the solvent or water molecules in the pipeline heater to evaporate. The heat generation of the heater is uniform, thereby avoiding the deformation and qualitative change of the pipe heater due to the degree of thermal expansion, so that the material appearance, physical and mechanical properties, fastness and color of the pipe heater are kept intact.

Pipeline heaters are widely used in automotive, textile, printing and dyeing, dyes, paper, bicycle, refrigerator, washing machine, chemical fiber, ceramics, electrostatic spraying, food, food, pharmaceutical, chemical, tobacco and other industries to achieve ultra-fast drying of pipeline heaters. purpose. The pipeline heater has good radiation effect, the pipeline heater has obvious power saving, and the advantages of use and maintenance are convenient. The heating of the pipeline heater is also particularly suitable for the large-scale drying room, oven and water drying tunnel of leather machinery.

Product Advantages

An pipeline heater is composed of an immersion heater covered by an anti-corrosion metallic vessel chamber. This casing is mainly used for insulation to prevent heat loss in the circulation system. Heat loss is not only inefficient in terms of energy usage but it would also cause unnecessary operation expenses. A pump unit is used to transport the inlet fluid into the circulation system. The fluid is then circulated and reheated in a closed loop circuit around the immersion heater continuously until the desired temperature is reached. The heating medium will then flow out of the outlet nozzle at a fixed flow rate determined by the temperature control mechanism.


Model Number:    Water/Gas/Oil Series

Output:    electrical

Dimension(L*W*H):    As Model

Weight:    As Model

Certification:    ISO

Media:    Air

Heat Efficiency:    ≥95%

Highest Operation Temperature:    800

Structure:    Seamless Stainless Steel Tube

Pressure:    Low Pressure

Style:    Horizontal/Vertical

Fuel:    Electric

Product name:    Pipeline Heater

Product Type:    Electric Heater

Output:    Hot Water/Gas/Oil

Dimension(L*W*H):    designed as customer's request

Material:    Carbon Steel Spray/SS304

Shap:    Cabinet type

Warranty:    12 month

Power(W):    3KW-1000 KW

Voltage:    380V/415V/440V/450V

Place of Origin: Yancheng, China

Packaging: Wooden case

Port of Origin: Shanghai, China



(1) Heater start and stop control
(2) Signal display of heater start and stop
(3) Display and control of outlet temperature
(4) Three phase current and voltage display
(5) System power indication and fault alarm indication
(6) Fault interlock and electric automatic protection


Pipeline heater connected by flange convenient for disassemble and maintain

Heating uniform and high efficiency, can reach to higher than 95%, the control precision can be +/-1 °c

High mechanical strength and advanced structure can guarantee running safety

Equipped with PID automatic electric control panel to guarantee outlet temperature,according outlet temperature to adjust heating power to arrive energy and power saving to keep low running cost

Switching function of heating power and it can be customized;
The temperature can be adjusted freely at RT- 800 °C;
Automatic exhaust when starting up;
Delay cooling when shutting down,and it can be customized;
Multipoint temperature control and it can be customized;
Pressure detection and alarm;
Temperature detection and alarm;
Our heater are with explosion-proof, they can be OEM.


Specification Table